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TAKE 6.5 PACKAGE #1: VAR0606

Legorreta, Reinmuth, King, Proberts and NATSPEC
Formal CPD
6.5 Hours - FORMAL
Package: 6.5 Hours of FORMAL CPD
Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA

This package of five courses provides a mix of CPD addressing the current issues, spread across the core categories of Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management.  The Package includes the following courses:

  • AAA Black Series presents: Ricardo Legorreta 
  • Gerard Reinmuth presents: Overcoming Sentimentality 
  • Steve King presents: Natural Ventilation in Dwellings 
  • Liam Proberts presents:Planning and Development by CORE VALUES 
  • NATSPEC presents: A Specification Writing Forum 
Please see the individual Course Details below for more information about each course unit.
  • AAA Black Series presents: Ricardo Legorreta RL0542
    Target Learning outcomes:
    • Appreciate the complexity inherent in the concept of contexturalism and Legorreta’s belief in the importance of physical location, context and environmental concerns.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying architectural philosophy of Legorreta + Legorreta practice, as expressed in his ‘meditation’ and through his built work.
    • Understand that Ricardo’s work is based on a deep fundamental desire to serve ‘mankind’, thereby creating architecture which is devised to satisfy user intent and fit the built purpose.
    • Examine some techniques that architecture can employ, based on the continuum of thought and building traditions of the past, to create unique architectural outcomes.

    Gerard Reinmuth presents: Overcoming Sentimentality GR0521
    Target Learning outcomes:
    • Have insight into high-tech methods of design and communications, which enable long-distance discussion between different architectural offices.
    • Have insight into a distinctive method of analysing and interpreting the site and design brief.
    • Understand how an architectural design can be a direct interpretation of physical location.
    • Have a greater appreciation of how to combine economic considerations with a strong conceptual idea.

    Steve King presents: Natural Ventilation in Dwellings SK0534
    Target Learning outcomes:
    • Understand the principles necessary to design for effective natural ventilation in small scale dwellings and larger scale apartment buildings.
    • Be aware of some misconceptions that exist in the architectural and planning professions in relation to natural ventilation.
    • Be able to better address issues of energy efficiency in architectural design through the implementation of the passive principles of natural ventilation.

    Liam Proberts presents:Planning and Development by CORE VALUES LP0531
    Target Learning outcomes:
    • Have a good understanding of large scale, regional or city planning.
    • Understand how to simplify a large scale planning tasks into an ordered, logical process.
    • Have knowledge of the “core values” of a region or city which are important aspects of a good quality region or city planning scheme.
    • Know how to evaluate the priorities and formulate strategies in a planning project.
    • Be able to develop a planning concept that responds to the local environment and community.

    NATSPEC presents: A Specification Writing Forum NS0519
    Target Learning outcomes:
    • To understand the role of the specification as one of the contract documents.
    • To appreciate the extent to which a specification communicates design intent and to understand it’s other roles.
    • To appreciate the responsibility taken on board, by the professional, in writing a specification, which will impact all parts of a construction project and the associated personnel and their organisations.
    • To gain an increased understanding of what can go wrong in the writing of a specification, such as the implications of omissions from or duplication in the specification document.
    • To increase awareness of what material is available in assisting the specifier to prepare specifications, from NATSPEC.