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Lipscombe (Bennetts Assoc UK) Rooney (NATSPEC), Margalit (UNSW), O'Connor (AWA)
Formal CPD
6 Hours - FORMAL
Package: 6 Hours of FORMAL CPD
Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA
This package of five courses provides a mix of CPD addressing the current issues, spread across the core categories of Design, Documentation, Practice and Project Management.  
The Package includes the following presenters:
  • Julian Lipscombe: Bennetts Associates - London
  • Kevin Rooney: NATSPEC
  • Dr Harry Margalit - UNSW
  • Jann O'Connor: Australian Window Association
For more detail description of the courses see below:
  • Julian Lipscombe: Bennetts Associates - London


    Kings Cross: Our Contribution to London's Heart

    This talk was recorded live at a special event organised by the Australian Architecture Association (AAA).

    Julian Lipscombe joined Bennetts Associates in 1992 and became a director in 2002. In this talk, Julian provides intriguing insight into the methodology and approach of Bennetts Associates architectural practice in London. Using the significant renewal development of Kings Cross in London, he illustrates the themes and values used within the practice to approach design on every scale within planning and architecture.

    Kevin Rooney: NATSPEC


    Getting Started with BIM BIM1411

    This seminar centers around the NATSPEC paper: Getting Started with BIM. The seminar provides generic guidance on implementing BIM within an organisation and discusses some of the issues which need to be considered and the decisions to be made. It covers topics such as preparing for change, planning, implementation and review.

    Dr Harry Margalit - UNSW


    Sydney Ancher 'An Australian Modernist'  SAHM0523

    Dr Harry Margalit, provides an introduction to Syd Ancher, with a timeline of his remarkable career. He discusses the major influences of the period and examines the question ‘what caused the shift in architectural thinking?’ which led to Modernism.

    Jann O'Connor: Australian Window Association


    Prevention of Falls from Windows AWA1502

    In this talk from the Australian Window Association, Jann O'Connor explains the impact of the National Construction Code 2013 has on the design, placement and installation requirements of windows to prevent falls. The talk presents a comprehensive and practical overview of the essential requirements and provides information as to how and where to get further information.