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Formal CPD
4 Hours - FORMAL
Package: 5 Hours of FORMAL CPD
Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA
This package of five courses provides a mix of CPD addressing the current issues, spread across the core categories of Design, Documentation, Practice Management and Project Management.  
The Package includes the following presenters:
  • Prof Rob Adams - Director of Design and Urban Environment, City of Melbourne
  • Richard Johnson MBE - 2008 RAIA Gold Medalist
  • Bryan Ahern - Mediator and Arbitrator

  • Please see the individual Course Details below for more information about each course unit.

  • Prof Rob Adams - Director of Design and Urban Environment, City of Melbourne


    Transforming Australia’s Cities RA0920

    Over the next thirty years, the population of Australia’s capital cities will double. There can be two responses to this; we can continue to expand our cities, or we can contain growth. Rob Adams is the Director of Design and Urban Development for the City of Melbourne. Adams uses Melbourne as a case study to explain how existing infrastructure can be adapted to accommodate a growing population and to produce a more sustainable, liveable and economically viable future. For example, by encouraging development along existing, road-based, public transport corridors, within the bounds of the tram network alone, an additional 730,000 people could be accommodated within Metropolitan Melbourne.

    Richard Johnson MBE - 2008 RAIA Gold Medalist


    AAA Short Black Talk 1 – Sydney Urbanism: Four Projects  RJ0903

    Richard Johnson has been involved in some of the most significant architectural interventions within the city of Sydney: the First Government House Site, the Sydney Hilton refurbishment and Westpac Place. . In this first  Australian Architectural Association Short Black Talk he illustrates the ethical role an architect has when building within the urban fabric of a city. Richard Johnson also uses the example of the Sydney Opera House to demonstrate his ideas on architecture. The success of his designs and the benefit they have had on civic life establishes the integrity of his approach.



    Reducing On-Site Variations NS0903

    On-site variations cause numerous problems during construction including: increased construction costs, extended completion times, issues of legal liability and dissatisfied clients. These problems can be reduced by good quality, construction documents, including a well-written specification.

    Richard Choy, Tony Mury and Ian Wills, all have extensive experience in the building industry, and are instrumental in the creation and development of the NATSPEC specification tool. NATSPEC provides an invaluable service, including updates on the latest standards and regulations, and specific material specifications. This talk covers the intricacies of specification writing including: the practicalities and risks of creating a master specification and the dangers of using standard, client specifications.

    Bryan Ahern - Mediator and Arbitrator


    Dealing with Disputes BA0931

    Bryan Ahern is an experienced mediator and arbitrator within the building industry.In this talk he presents an overview of the general principles and fundamental rules of the management of disputes. As much as we would like to prevent or avoid disputes or differences – they will always occur. Understand how to manage disputes. Consider just what is a “dispute” and understand what is meant by and how to use “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR). Learn how to use ADR systems internal to your organization.