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Johnson, Nouvel, NATSPEC, Newman, Plunkett, Cervero, van Zyl
Formal CPD
10 Hours - FORMAL
Package: 10 Hours of FORMAL CPD
Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA
This package of seven courses (10 Hours) provides the opportunity for full compliance of the  Formal CPD requirements for any nominal registration year.  It delivers a mix of presentations addressing the current issues, spread across the core categories of Design, Documentation, Practice and Project Management.  
The Package includes the following presenters:
  • Richard Johnson MBE - 2008 RAIA Gold Medalist
  • Jean Nouvel - 2008 Pritzker Prize Winner - Paris, France
  • Prof Peter Newman - Prof of Sustainability, Curtin University, Perth
  • Robert Cervero - Prof of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley
  • Michael Plunkett
  • Piet van Zyl - Exec Director Strategy and Planning, City of Cape Town SA
For more detail description of the courses see below:
  • Richard Johnson MBE - 2008 RAIA Gold Medalist


    AAA Short Black Talk 1 – Sydney Urbanism: Four Projects  RJ0903

    Richard Johnson has been involved in some of the most significant architectural interventions within the city of Sydney: the First Government House Site, the Sydney Hilton refurbishment and Westpac Place. In this first  Australian Architectural Association Short Black Talk he illustrates the ethical role an architect has when building within the urban fabric of a city. Richard Johnson also uses the example of the Sydney Opera House to demonstrate his ideas on architecture. The success of his designs and the benefit they have had on civic life establishes the integrity of his approach.

    Jean Nouvel - 2008 Pritzker Prize Winner - Paris, France


    AAA Black Talk 5 - Jean Nouvel JN0821

    Jean Nouvel heads an international architectural practice, yet his architecture is sensitive and poetic and speaks to the subtlety of each specific site. In this Australian Architectural Association Black Talk 5, Nouvel describes his architectural journey from his first architectural encounter at the Beaux-Arts School, in Bordeaux, in the 1960s, to his recent and current projects. This journey explains the foundation and history behind Nouvel’s architectural ideologies and provides a basis for understanding his designs for buildings such as The Arab World Institute in Paris, The Cartier Foundation in Paris and Agbar Tower in Barcelona.



    Reducing On-Site Variations NS0903

    On-site variations cause numerous problems during construction including: increased construction costs, extended completion times, issues of legal liability and dissatisfied clients. These problems can be reduced by good quality, construction documents, including a well-written specification.

    The presenters Richard Choy, Tony Mury and Ian Wills, all have extensive experience in the building industry, and are instrumental in the creation and development of the NATSPEC specification tool. NATSPEC provides an invaluable service, including updates on the latest standards and regulations, and specific material specifications. This talk covers the intricacies of specification writing including: the practicalities and risks of creating a master specification and the dangers of using standard, client specifications.

    Prof Peter Newman - Prof of Sustainability, Curtin University, Perth


    Rebuilding our Cities and Economies PN0916

    How do we rebuild our cities and economies for a fossil fuel-free future? The need for an eighty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 means the age of car dependence and fossil fuel reliance is over. Peter Newman, Professor of sustainability at Curtain University, addresses this pertinent problem in relation to five key issues: car dependence, renewable energy, smart infrastructure, the Global Green New Deal and competition between cities.

    Robert Cervero - Prof of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley


    Reducing Carbon Footprints RC0915

    Robert Cervero provides a clear path for reducing carbon footprints through sustainable urban development and transportation. Cervero is an authority on transit-oriented design, having advised in a number of countries, including China, Brazil, Indonesia and the USA. He discusses the mistakes and successes of human settlement and explains how these influence our transportation behaviour. Cervero demonstrates the essential role of public transportation, mixed-use development, density and smart growth in the current environmental debate.

    Michael Plunkett


    Residential Rating Tools MP0930

    As the need to address global warming becomes critical, the thermal performance and energy consumption of houses is becoming more regulated. Three software packages: Bers Pro, FirstRate5 and AccuRate, have been developed to provide residential, energy performance, star ratings. By 2011 the required energy performance of dwellings will be lifted to a six star level. These software packages provide an alternative solution to the deemed-to-satisfy, energy provisions of the BCA.

    Michael Plunkett outlines the pros and cons of these software packages. He explains how the programs consider climatic data, occupant comfort, heat and air flow, and building and shading elements, to provide a star rating. These energy-rating, software programs are increasingly being used as design tools and are an intrinsic part of the residential development, assessment process.

    Piet van Zyl - Exec Director Strategy and Planning, City of Cape Town SA


    Integrated Waterfront Development VN0918

    There is a worldwide trend to develop urban waterfronts into retail, leisure and entertainment destinations. From Boston, to Barcelona, to Osaka and Sydney, this trend has produced some of the world’s most innovative, real estate developments.

    The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront development has been successful in transforming the historical, underused Port of Cape Town, South Africa, into an urban regeneration success story. Piet van Zyl, previously the Executive Manager of Planning and Development for V & A Waterfront Pty Ltd, explains how new retail, commercial, residential and leisure facilities have been developed while retaining the character of Cape Town’s waterfront as a working harbour. Van Zyl uses the V & A Waterfront development as a case study on how a development idea can be turned into action. The Cape Town waterfront project focuses on sustainable development and provides valuable lessons for other harbour authorities, especially in Australia.