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Acoustics for Education Spaces: MO1807

Matthew Ottley
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 00:48:50
Managing Associate for Marshall Day Acoustics in Sydney, looks at the unique issues affecting the acoustic design of modern learning environments. Beginning with the basics, Matthew builds the story around the development of education practices and how both simple and complex acoustics treatments and design and make or break the overall outcomes, as measure by teacher and student satisfaction.
This is especially true for the modern trend for vertical schools, as demand for student places accelerates in increasingly congested city neighbourhoods.
This CPD course relates to the following AACA NCSA Elements: 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8
At the completion of this course you will:
  • Understand the basic terminology used to describe acoustics
  • Understand the differentiation between reflective & absorptive materials
  • Appreciate the factors contributing to acoustic ‘privacy’.
  • Appreciate the changing needs for Innovative Learning Environments (ILE’s)
  • Gain an understanding of the complexity of acoustic design through the example based illustration
  • Appreciate the potential acoustic issues with design elements such as room shape, operable walls and interconnected spaces in both horizontal and vertical schools.

              Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA

              • PRESENTER
              • FORMAL CPD/CPE POINTS

              • MATTHEW OTTLEY

                Matthew Ottley is an Associate and Managing Consultant with the Sydney office specialising in environmental noise control, building acoustics and room acoustics. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with Honours and has been working in consulting acoustics in Sydney since 1998.
                “As an acoustic consultant my job is not just about acoustics, it is mostly about communication and collaboration. The acoustics for a project (even a concert hall or studio) is only one component of what goes into making a space work, of solving a problem. What I do is collaborate with architects, planners, developers, builders and designers to find solutions to problems and to make things work.”
                Matthew also produces a podcast, Talking Acoustics, which looks into the art and science of acoustics as features interviews with a different person in the acoustics field each episode. See for details.

                Marshall Day Acoustics:

                Marshall Day currently has over 40 professional staff based in Australia with around 100 professional staff in offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, and France.  As one of the largest acoustic engineering firms worldwide, we are able to provide you with the greatest range and depth of experience and expertise available.
                Many of our projects require us to work as part of a design team, communicating ideas
                and resolving issues through innovative and collaborative solutions, within the financial
                and construction limitations. Emphasis on understanding of your needs allows
                us to communicate and work effectively and efficiently as part of a design team.
                We pride ourselves on delivering high quality designs that have undergone our internal quality assurance process and provide cost effective solutions