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Envisioning a Living City - BEND|Oregon: SA1119

Steven Ames
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 01:03:41
In 2006, the City of Bend, Oregon was a highly desirable lifestyle- and recreation-oriented community of some 70,000 people perched at the foot of Oregon’s Cascade Range.  It was also one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S. – and expanding at a breakneck pace. 
It was clear that Bend was on an unsustainable path and that a new vision for its future was in order. 
In this lecture, long-range planning consultant Steven Ames, will trace the evolution of Bend 2030 and how the Living City project is creating new pathways for the city in an era of peak oil, climate change and “anything else the planet might throw at us.” 
  • Understand the importance of long term planning in the development of a 21st century community.
  • Understand how the visioning process can provide a framework to generate a long term plan.
  • Appreciate the issues & aspirations of Bend and reflect on how these may reflect into your own community planning responses.
  • Understand the importance of community engagement & then ownership of the vision & plan.
  • Understand the key elements of the Living Building Challenge

Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA


    Principal, Steven Ames Planning - Oregon, USA

    Steven Ames is a consulting long-range planner, futurist and principal of Steven Ames Planning, based in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Author of the American Planning Association’s (APA) award-winning handbook, A Guide to Community Visioning, Steven has worked with local communities, cities and regions across the U.S., as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in planning for the future.  

    Steven speaks frequently on the topic of civic vision and its connection to growth, urban development and sustainability, and he conducts trainings in the community visioning process in the U.S. and Antipodes.  He has been a contributor to APA’s reference work Planning and Urban Design Standards (2006), as well as numerous other publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific region.   

    Steven was the recipient of the Oregon APA’s Award for Distinguished Leadership by a Professional Planner, and is currently serving as the Craig Byrne Fellow of the Orton Family Foundation, for whom he is studying the “stewardship” of values-based, vision-centric community planning over time.  Steven holds degrees from Drew University and the University of Michigan, and has studied with faculty of the London School of Economics.

    In Australia, Steven advised the SEQ 2021 project for Southeast Queensland, the City Shape
    Conference for Brisbane City Council, Maroochy 2025 for Maroochy Shire on the Sunshine
    Coast, Maddington Kenwick Sustainable Communities Partnership for the City of Gosnells, WA,
    Peel 2020 Partnership for the Peel Region, WA, and Vincent Vision 2024 for the
    Town of Vincent, WA. He is currently advising Toowoomba 2050 for Toowoomba City
    Council, Queensland.

    Among Steven’s award-winning projects are Blue Mountains Our Future (Blue Mountain City Council,

    NSW), winner of the National Awards for Local Government, Social and Community Engagement, and Hillsboro 2020 (City of Hillsboro, Oregon), winner of the Project of the Year Award from the International Association for Public Participation.