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New Perspectives on Community Visioning: SA0943

Steven Ames
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 00:35:56
In this presentation, Steven Ames, consulting long-range planner and author of A Guide to Community Visioning, will describe the evolution of visioning and its unique contributions to city planning, providing new tools and perspectives on the visioning process from the latest generation of successful visioning projects in Australia & the USA. Steven’s presentation highlights how visioning is evolving as a vital form of deliberative democracy in an era of accelerated change and uncertainty.
  • Understand the meaning and elements of ‘Community Visioning.’
  • Appreciate the importance of ‘visioning’ as a tool for local planning, in the current climate of globalisation.
  • Have knowledge of ‘visioning’ as a local planning tool, which enables community, environment and social issues to be addressed in an innovative, interactive manner.
  • Know examples of communities which have successfully used ‘visioning’ to improve the quality of life in their communities, in both Australia and the USA.
  • Understand the elements that contribute to the success or failure of ‘visioning,’ as a local planning tool.

    Principal, Steven Ames Planning - Oregon, USA

    Steven Ames is a consulting long-range planner and principal of Steven Ames Planning based in Portland, Oregon. Steven has a wealth of experience in the development of long-range and strategic plans for public agencies and institutions, as well as assisting organizations in understanding emerging trends and the impact of change.

    Author of the American Planning Association’s award-winning handbook, A Guide to Community Visioning, Steven has worked with Portland, Oregon and numerous other cities in Oregon and the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand in planning for the future. He is the innovator of the Oregon Model of community visioning.

    In Australia, Steven advised the SEQ 2021 project for Southeast Queensland, the City Shape
    Conference for Brisbane City Council, Maroochy 2025 for Maroochy Shire on the Sunshine
    Coast, Maddington Kenwick Sustainable Communities Partnership for the City of Gosnells, WA,
    Peel 2020 Partnership for the Peel Region, WA, and Vincent Vision 2024 for the
    Town of Vincent, WA. He is currently advising Toowoomba 2050 for Toowoomba City
    Council, Queensland.

    Among Steven’s award-winning projects are Blue Mountains Our Future (Blue Mountain City Council,

    NSW), winner of the National Awards for Local Government, Social and Community Engagement, and Hillsboro 2020 (City of Hillsboro, Oregon), winner of the Project of the Year Award from the International Association for Public Participation.