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Reducing Carbon Footprints: RC0915

Prof Robert Cervero
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 00:55:43
Robert Cervero provides a clear path for reducing carbon footprints through sustainable urban development and transportation. Cervero is an authority on transit-oriented design, having advised in a number of countries, including China, Brazil, Indonesia and the USA. He discusses the mistakes and successes of human settlement and explains how these influence our transportation behaviour. Cervero demonstrates the essential role of public transportation, mixed-use development, density and smart growth in the current environmental debate.            
  • Value the importance of sustainable planning and transportation at the macro, meso and micro planning scales.
  • Understand the intricacies of factors, such as mixed-use development and density, which are necessary to achieve sustainable planning.
  • Appreciate that sustainable planning and successful public transportation are codependent.
  • Possess knowledge of multiple successful sustainable cities and unsustainable cities and understand the reasons for their success or failure.

Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA



    Robert Cervero is Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the UC Transportation Centre at the University of California, Berkeley. He has written extensively on sustainable transportation policy and planning as well as Transport Oriented Development (TOD) worldwide. In recent years he has been an advisor and consultant on transport projects in China, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and in the USA.