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Rebuilding our Cities and Economies: PN0916

Prof. Peter Newman
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 00:49:22
How do we rebuild our cities and economies for a fossil fuel-free future? The need for an eighty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 means the age of car dependence and fossil fuel reliance is over. Peter Newman, Professor of sustainability at Curtain University, addresses this pertinent problem in relation to five key issues: car dependence, renewable energy, smart infrastructure, the Global Green New Deal and competition between cities.
  • Appreciate the need to rebuild our cities and economies so that they are no longer fossil fuel dependant.   
  • Understand that certain technology and planning ideas of the past are now obsolete and harmful.
  • Possess knowledge of technology and planning ideas that must be used to achieve an ecological economy and ecological cities.
  • Understand the specifics of how Australia, the USA and Europe are addressing climate change.


    Peter Newman is the Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University and is on the Board of Infrastructure Australia that is funding infrastructure for the long term sustainability of Australian cities. He has recently returned from a North American tour promoting his two new books ‘Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change’ and ‘Green Urbanism Down Under’, both written with Tim Beatley. 

    In 2001-3 Peter directed the production of WA’s Sustainability Strategy in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. It was the first state sustainability strategy in the world. In 2004-5 he was a Sustainability Commissioner in Sydney advising the government on planning issues. In 2006/7 he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Virginia Charlottesville where he wrote his new books. In Perth, Peter is best known for his work in saving, reviving and extending the city’s rail system. 

    Peter invented the term ‘automobile dependence’ to describe how we have created cities where we have to drive everywhere. For 30 years since he attended Stanford University during the first oil crisis he has been warning cities about preparing for peak oil. Peter’s book with Jeff Kenworthy 'Sustainability and Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence' was launched in the White House in 1999. He was a Councillor in the City of Fremantle from 1976-80 where he still lives.

    Recent Publications Books (Authored, Research)

    Jennings , I, and Newman , P. 2008. Cities as sustainable ecosystems: principles and practices. Washington, DC: Island Press.
    Newman , P, and Beatley, T. 2008. Green Urbanism Down Under: Learning from Sustainable Communities in Australia. Washington, DC: Island Press.