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The Architecture of Zero Net Emissions Housing: CP1110

Caroline Pidcock
Formal CPD
1 Hour - FORMAL
Duration: 00:53:04

The only carbon abatements, which will not cost the Australian economy money, are through energy reductions in the built environment. Caroline Pidcock, director of Pidcock Architecture and Sustainability, explains what is involved in achieving ‘net zero emissions housing.’ 

She describes the regulations, put in place by European countries, to achieve low emissions housing, and compares this to Australian government policy. How, for example, do Australia’s star ratings compare to the incredibly energy efficient German ‘passive house’ standard? Caroline also answers the question: What does ‘low emissions’ housing mean for the architecture profession?

Caroline ends by describing two examples of her own work: an eight star house in Rose Bay, and the office building where Caroline’s own architectural practice is based.

  • Understand the issues which need to be addressed in a design concept to realise a low emissions building.
  • Recognize how Australian government policy and building regulations address issues of sustainability in the built environment, and how this compares with world’s best practice.
  • Appreciate that issues of sustainability, when properly addressed in architecture, impact on all stages of design and construction, from establishing a brief with the client, to design development, to liaising with consultants, to selection of structural systems, building systems and materials.
  • Understand how the structure of an architectural practice, and its work methods, need to be adapted to integrate a sustainability agenda.
Recognised by the NSW ARB, ARB of Victoria, BA of Qld, AB of WA, Work Stds Tas, APB of SA, PIA, AILA & BDA

    LFAIA B Arch (Hons) BSc (Arch)
    PIDCOCK – Architecture + Sustainability

    Caroline is an architect with genuine interest and experience in sustainable built environments. This has been developed and enhanced through her involvement in a wide range of professional, academic and other commitments. She is interested in working through architecture to be proactive in developing a positive sustainable future for us all to live in.

    Her previous roles as President of the Australian Sustainable Environment Council, President of the Australian Institute of Architects in NSW and National Councillor, Industry Representative on the Australian Building Codes Board, Member of the NSW Architects Registration Board, Member of the Bicycle NSW Board and adjunct professor/lecturer at a range of universities in NSW, expose her to many government, business, academic and community arenas.

    PIDCOCK – Architecture + Sustainability is a practice that aims to excel in environmentally sustainable architecture & advice.